QUESTION-1- What is Solid works ?

ANSWER –  Solidworks is a computer aided design tool used for the design, manufacturing & simulation of mechanical products. It is used in complete product development cycle starting from concept design to Detailed design, Structural & thermal analysis, motion studies & engineering drawings.

QUESTION-2-  List out the major difference between the AutoCAD and                                                  SolidWorks?     

ANSWER-  The significant difference between the SolidWorks and AutoCAD is that

  • AutoCAD was designed and developed as a 2D package and later evolved into a 3D package while SolidWorks is developed as 3D

QUSTION-3–  What are configurations in solidworks?

ANSWER –  Configurations allow us to create multiple variations of a part/assembly model within a single file. They provide a convenient way to develop and manage families of models with different dimensions, components, or other parameters.

Go to configuration Manager -> Right click part/assembly name -> click add configuration -> write down configuration name and description -> Press ok

 QUESTION -4- Explain how you can insert a reference image in SolidWorks?

ANSWERTo add a reference image in SolidWorks follow these steps

  • On the front plane open a new sketch
  • Draw some reference geometry to help in sizing and positioning of the image
  • Now to insert an image, go to -> Tools -> Sketch Picture
  • Choose the image you want to insert and tap on “Open”
  • Once the image gets inserted use the command box on the left of the panel, to adjust the size of the image.

QUESTION-5- Explain how you can engrave text to part in SolidWorks?

ANSWER Engrave text in SolidWorks you have to

  • Once you have created the parts or your design ready in SolidWorks you have to go to main menu bar
  • Under main menu bar -> Select tools
  • Tools -> click on Sketch Entities
  • Sketch Entities -> Text
  • Input the text into the text box
  • To change the font – uncheck the use document font and set the font type and size
  • To engrave the text click Features -> tap on Extruded Cut -> now under direction 1 Blind, set the D1, and then click Isometric from the lower left view menu

QUESTION-6- Mention what does the weldments-pierce points indicates in SolidWorks?

ANSWERIn SolidWorks, the pierce point determines the location of the profile, related to the                                  sketch segment used to form the structural member.

Define what Groups is and Cut lists in SolidWorks?

  • Cut lists: Under FeatureManager design tree, Cut list is an item that groups the same entities of a part together. It is available in parts that have sheet metal features or weldment.
  • Groups: A group is a collection of the related segment in a structural member

QUESTION-7-  What are convert entities and where it is used?

ANSWER Convert entities are used in solid works to draw sketch with reference to a feature of a                               part.

Open sketch-> click model edge, loop, and surface -> click convert entities

QUESTION-8-  What are the relations in solid works sketch and how they are                                      used?

ANSWER- In Solidworks, relations are used in sketch entities and model geometry. They are important means of building in design intent. As we sketch, soliidworks automatically add relations. for example coincident, horizontal, vertical, midpoint, merge, pierce, co-linear, perpendicular, equal, parallel, co-radial, concentric, tangent, symmetric, equal slot, on edge, on plane, equal curvature etc

QUESTION- 9 From where you can access SolidWorks API?

ANSWERSolidWorks API is a com programming interface to the SolidWorks software. To access the API, you to go to Help -> API Help Topics.

QUESTION -10- How to make fully constrained Spline in solid works?

ANSWER- Following are ways used to define a spline

  • Tangent/vertical/horizontal relations to spline direction
  • Dimensions on spline control
  • Constrain the position of spline points.

QUESTION – 11-  Mention what all things included in Build Check Tools?

ANSWER– Inside Build Check Tools, all these checks tool are included

  • Document Checks
  • Annotation Checks
  • Drawing Document Checks
  • Dimension Checks
  • Part Document Checks
  • Assembly Document Checks
  • Feature Checks

QUESTION -12- What are the types of pattern in solid works?


  • Linear Pattern
  • Circular pattern
  • Sketch driven pattern
  • Curve driven pattern
  • Variable pattern
  • Table driven pattern
  • Fill pattern

QUESTION -13Mention what are two main modes for design studies in SolidWorks?

ANSWER The two main modes for running a Design Study includes

  • Evaluation: For each variable you specify discrete values and use sensors as constraints. The software executes the study using several combinations of the values and reports the output for each combination
  • Optimization: For each variable you specify values, either as discrete values or as a range. You use sensors as constrains and as goals. The software executes iterations of the values and reports the maximum combination of values to meet your

QUESTION-14- What is shell command and why it is used?

ANSWER – Shell is used to make uniform/variable thickness of a solid body.

QUESTION-15 Explain how you can create a Multi-body Sheet metal parts?

ANSWERYou can create a Multi-body sheet metal part by following steps

  • In an existing sheet metal part, create a new bodies using commands for base flange, Insert bends, lofted bend and convert to sheet metals
  • Then cut single sheet metal into multiple bodies
  • Add one or more sheet metal, weldment or other bodies into an existing sheet metal part
  • Copy a sheet metal body in a part by forming a circular or linear pattern, mirroring the body or by using the Move/Copy body command

QUESTION-16- How to insert a reference plane?

ANSWER Go to insert -> reference geometry -> plane -> select plane/ points/ line






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